Over 40 years in the hotel industry

FA Academy has been accredited since 2021 by the Region of Sardinia as an official Learning & Development Agency. Its mission is to support, further develop and position within the current market place those professionals looking for advancements in career within the world of Tourism & Hospitality. Our history as a company stems from more than 40 years of operations within the world of hospitality in general and incoming Tourism in Sardinia in particular. FA Academy’s goal is to create added value within the Tourism Industry by sharing  its know-how, network of relationships among the most important stakeholders nationally and internationally by delivering innovative and high level Learning and Developments programs.

What we believe in


We are constantly committed in designing, planning and implementing bespoke events minimizing the negative impact and footprint on the environment and the local communities where we operate.


We have initiated a process of sustainable conversion for our organization through a deeper analysis which will lead to major changes with regards to our supply chain with specific focus on: - Our Team and Our Suppliers and Partners