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(pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679)

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) establishes the right to protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of their data. In compliance with this legislation, with reference to the personal data you provide to us via the platform, F.A. Travel S.r.l. wishes to inform you, pursuant to Articles 12 and 13 GDPR, that such processing will be based on principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency and protection of data confidentiality and of your rights as laid down in Article 5 GDPR. 


The Data “Controller” is F.A. Travel S.r.l., with registered office in Cagliari, Via San Tommaso D’Aquino n. 18A, Tax Identification no./VAT no.: 03018430920.

You can contact the Controller at any time using the following contact methods:

­       Telephone: + 39 070554195

­       Fax: + 39 0708943271

­       Recorded delivery letter: Via San Tommaso D’Aquino n. 18A - 09134 Cagliari

­       E-mail:




In accordance with Article 37 GDPR, the "Controller” has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

DPO’s contact details: 



Your data will be processed exclusively for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a way that is incompatible with those purposes. In particular, F.A. Travel S.r.l. will process the data you provide by filling in the relevant form only for the following purposes:

1)    Request for information and/or quote:

-       Reply to your requests for information on the services we provide and issue a quote if requested.

Processing of your data for the above purposes is necessary to enable us to provide you with the services you request and to take steps prior to entering into a contract; (Article 6(b) of Regulation (EU) 679/2016) and to fulfil the Controller’s legal requirements.

If you wish to sign up for our newsletter, we will also process your personal data for the following purposes

2)    Send targeted advertisements via the newsletter

-       to send marketing information and offers, also by partner companies, to send advertising and information materials and/or commercial communications, also interactive;

          In order to send you targeted advertisements/newsletters, your data may be communicated to third companies, even outside the territory of the European Union.


For the processing of your personal data for the purposes stated in point 2, your consent is required. You may give it by checking the appropriate box on the web page with the online form.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the Controller at the above addresses, or by cancelling the newsletter service in the manner set out above. However, the withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


Your data will be processed in paper format or using IT procedures by duly authorised in-house staff. Such staff members will be given access to your personal information to the extent and insofar as it is necessary for performance of the data processing activities concerning you. Your data, especially those belonging to special categories, are processed separately from others’ data also through pseudonymisation or aggregation methods to prevent your easy and immediate identification.

In addition, to ensure its confidentiality and integrity, the personal data you provide to us will be processed in a manner that ensures its appropriate security, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical and organisational measures.

F.A. Travel S.r.l. periodically reviews the tools used to process the data and the security measures put in place, and regularly updates such tools and measures; we check, also through duly authorised parties, that no personal data whose processing is not required or is no longer necessary is collected, processed, stored or retained; we check that the stored data is complete and accurate and is used only for its intended processing.

F.A. Travel S.r.l. warrants that any data which, also as a result of checks, is found to be excessive, irrelevant or unnecessary, will not be used other than for possible filing, in accordance with the law, of the act or document containing such data.


The data requested from you will be kept in a format permitting your identification for the minimum period required for achievement of the intended purposes, after which your data will be permanently erased.

In particular, for the purposes under point 1), your data will be stored for the time necessary to provide you with the information you requested and prepare the quote. In any case they will be stored for no more than six months.

For the purposes set out in point 2), if you register for the newsletter, your personal data will be stored for up to 12 months, or until you cancel your newsletter subscription.


If you would like to stop receiving advertisements/newsletters from F.A. Travel S.r.l., you can do so by sending us an email request and following the procedure described in our reply.

If you also wish to be permanently deleted from our archives, please send us a request at


All your data will be kept at the registered office of the Controller and may be disclosed to other recipients for compliance with legal obligations under the applicable laws, while ensuring protection of all your rights.

Your data may be processed by duly authorised and trained mandated Parties, entrusted with the activities necessary to achieve the purposes.

Where necessary, for the stated purposes, some processing of your personal data may be also performed by third parties to which F.A. Travel S.r.l. may entrust certain activities (or part thereof) necessary for provision of services you require. In this case, said third parties will operate as Processors. They may include: Tour operator software providers, content providers and CRM firms.



The Controller may disclose your personal data to a third country (non-EU), namely to HubSpot, Inc., 25 First Street, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02141 USA, Attn: Privacy. Such company shall act as Processor, processing your data in order to send you newsletters.

The personal data will be transferred in accordance with the “EU-US Privacy Shield” agreements, on the basis of the authorisation by the Personal Data Protection Authority (Decision No 436 of 27 October 2016) and of European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1250 of 12 July 2016. To obtain a copy of such data, you can contact the Controller or HubSpot, Inc., attn: Ms Paulina Zgorzelska (Director of Risk and Compliance), HubSpot, Inc. HubSpot Headquarters (Cambridge, MA) 25 First St., 2nd floor, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141 – e-mail address:, Telephone (857) 829-5884.



You are not obliged to provide us with your personal data for the purposes stated in point 1) above. However, this is necessary to enable us to reply to your requests for information on the services we provide and to issue a quote if requested.

Provision of your personal data for the purposes of point 2) is optional and is subject to your express and explicit consent.

If you fail to provide any of the information marked as required, provide incorrect information or fail to give your consent, we will be unable to provide you with the services you requested and send you the newsletters. If, on the other hand, you do not provide any of the optional information, we will still be able to provide you with the requested service.

You should notify the Controller of any change to the data you provided, to ensure proper provision of the requested services, without prejudice to your right to rectification. 


In your capacity as data subject, you may exercise at any time your right of access (Article 15 GDPR), right to rectification (Article 16 GDPR), right to erasure, (Article 17 GDPR), right to restriction of processing (Article 18 GDPR), right to data portability (Article 20 GDPR) and your right to object (Article 21 GDPR) in the manner set out in the same articles, to which you are referred.

To exercise these rights, you may contact the Controller at the following email address: For any further information and communication on your data, you may contact the Controller using the above contacts.


Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of your habitual residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement if you consider that the processing of your personal data infringes Regulation (EU) 2016/679.


F.A. TRAVEL S.r.l.

(The Data Controller)



Cookie Policy

At F.A.Travel, we want to ensure that your visit to our Web site is smooth, reliable and as useful to you as possible. To help us do this, we use cookies and similar technologies (together referred to as “cookies” in this policy).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit almost any Web site. They are stored by your Internet browser. Cookies contain basic information about your Internet use, but they do not normally identify you personally. Your browser sends these cookies back to the site every time you revisit it, so it can recognise your computer or mobile device and personalize and improve your site experience.

For instance, we use cookies on our Web site to remember your login details, so you don’t have to re-enter them repeatedly during your visit to the site. Other cookies help us to understand what did and didn't interest you about our site, so we can provide you with features that are more relevant and useful to you next time you visit. We also use cookies to analyse how visitors use the site.
Some cookies, called "session cookies", remain on your computer only while your browser is open and they are automatically deleted once you close your browser. Other cookies, called "persistent cookies", remain on your computer or mobile device after the browser is closed. This allows the website to recognize your computer or mobile device when you reopen your browser, in order enhance your navigation experience.

Please note that our use of any information we collect about you through your use of cookies is subject to our Privacy Policy, which is linked to from the bottom of every page.

 What types of cookies do we use?

The cookies we use fall into 3 categories. These categories are described below. 

Technical cookies

These cookies are necessary to help you access and move around our site and use all its features. Without these cookies, our website would not work properly and you would not be able to use certain important features. For example, we use a cookie to keep you logged in during your visit, so the site does not require you to log in repeatedly to access different pages. We also use essential cookies for fraud detection and prevention purposes.

You will see that you cannot turn off essential cookies through the Cookie Consent Tool. The reason for this is that such cookies are necessary for you to access and use the content and features of the Web site.

Analytics cookies

At F.A. Travel, we want to make your experience on our website as helpful, smooth and as enjoyable as possible. We use cookies to help us understand how our website is being used and how we can improve your experience on it. This type of so-called "analytics" cookies can provide us with anonymous information to help us understand which parts of our Web site interest our visitors and if they experience any errors. We use these cookies to test different designs and features for our sites and we also use them to help us monitor how our visitors reach our sites.

We also use cookies to save your settings and preferences on our Web site, such as language preference and information you've previously entered when searching for travel options. Some customisation cookies are essential if you want to use certain features of the site.

Profiling cookies

We use these to show you our advertisements on other websites. This is called “retargeting” and it aims to be based on your browsing activities on our website, such as the destinations you've been searching for, the properties you've viewed and the prices you've been shown.
Third-Party cookies are used to integrate the presentation of our products. They are sent by partner websites with the only purpose to provide you with the best online experience while visiting our website. These specific cookies are not controlled by us. As a consequence we do not accept any responsibility for the information registered in these cookies or the use made by such third parties. In order to know more about Third-Party cookies you should read the information and policy contained in their original websites. Should you be interesetd, you can find them in the following list.


Cookies we use
Google Analytics - Analytics (_utma, _utmt, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, _utmv)

Google Analytics is a Google analysis tool that helps website and app owners understand how visitors interact with the contents of their website (pages visited, browsing time, etc.) by providing useful statistics designed to optimise and improve the browsing of the website without identifying the browser

Google Adwords - Profiling Cookies
Favours the research on Google services offered by the hotel without collecting or monitoring information capable of personally identifying a user

 - Hubspot - Profiling Cookies (__hstc, __hssrc, __hssc, hsfirstvisit, hubspotutk)  
These cookies are used to deliver marketing that is more relevant to you and your interests. They may be used to limit the number of times you see a promotional message as well as help measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. is a software for marketing automation. sets cookies that track a user's interaction with our site. also tracks browser-provided information such as inferred region, IP address, and return visits. Users remain anonymous unless the user has provided personal information through the submission of a form or clicks through to our site from a link in a email.

Drupal – Profiling Cookies (Drupal.visitor.ultimi_visitati)
It is used to remind you the last hotels you have checked on our website. The hotel’s list is kept for you also for future visits.

- AdRoll - Analytics (__ar_v4)

AdRoll provides targeted advertising: when you visit our website, we may collect some or all of the data described in AdRoll Privacy Notice. AdRoll  uses that data to help us provide ads that are more relevant to you.

- Facebook - Profiling Cookies
Cookies are used to collect information - in an anonimous form - about all users who read and interact with our contents, visit our websites and use our applications.

- Twitter - Profiling Cookies
Twitter uses cookies and pixels in order to create a personalized experience for the user, by selecting specific ads and measuring their performance.  Thanks to these technologies we can customize our ads according to the personality and needs of our Visitors. This allows us to publish on Twitter high-quality ads and contents, able to arouse our Visitors' interest.

- Hotjar - Profiling Cookies
We use Hotjar in order to better understand our users’ needs and to optimize this service and experience. Hotjar is a technology service that helps us better understand our users experience (e.g. how much time they spend on which pages, which links they choose to click, what users do and don’t like, etc.) and this enables us to build and maintain our service with user feedback. Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on our users’ behavior and their devices (in particular device's IP address (captured and stored only in anonymized form), device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), preferred language used to display our website). Hotjar stores this information in a pseudonymized user profile. Neither Hotjar nor we will ever use this information to identify individual users or to match it with further data on an individual user. For further details, please see Hotjar’s privacy policy.

You can opt-out to the creation of a user profile, Hotjar’s storing of data about your usage of our site and Hotjar’s use of tracking cookies on other websites by following this opt-out link:


Detection of the traffic data of the website for profiling purposes for commercial and marketing activities 
Browsing the website, you will find some of the following services that may use cookies to identify you or to use retargeting techniques, or display personalized advertisements based on your interests and online behavior outside . To get more information and express your consent in an informed way, we invite you to check the privacy regulations applied by clicking on the links below:

Criteo SA Place of processing and information: France - Privacy Policy - Opt Out
Google Doubleclick Place of treatment and information: U.S.A. Privacy Policy - Opt Out 
Bing Ads Place of processing and information: U.S.A. - Privacy Policy - Opt Out

 Managing your cookie settings

Settings for managing cookies with the user’s own browser
Below F.A. Travel provides a list of links relating to the most important  browsers with instructions on how to take action regarding privacy and tracking preferences  depending on the type of browser used by the client:
- Mozilla Firefox: Block cookies
- Google Chrome: Cookies and site data management
- Safari 6/7 (Mavericks): Managing cookies and other data from web sites
- Safari 8 (Yosemite): Managing cookies and data from web sites
- Internet Explorer: Block or allow cookies
- Opera: Cookie
- Safari iOS (mobile): Impostazioni web per Safari su iPhone, iPad, o iPod touch

Information for managing third party service cookies
- Google Ads: Settings for Google ads
- Google Analytics: browser add-ons for Google Analytics deactivation
- Facebook: Cookies, pixels and similar technologies
- Twitter: Use of cookies and other similar technologies by Twitter 

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies and we explain how you can exercise this right below. You can manage cookies through the settings of your Internet browser. You can have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, delete individual cookies or delete all cookies. You can enable and disable your cookies through the navigation bar that appears every time you access the site.

Most advertising networks offer you a way to opt out of advertising cookies. See and for useful information on how to do this.

Please note that, if you choose to delete F.A. Travel cookies, your access to some functionality and areas of our Web site may be degraded or restricted.



Business of the cruise ships
F.A. Travel joins MedCruise as the sole reference point in global services for cruise ships which dock at Sardinian ports.
The Sardinia Symposium celebrate in 2017 its sixteenth edition, and also this year, F.A. Travel, collaborates with this Forum.
  • Good morning Maura (…) Yes, the cruise ended very well and the clients and the participants were very happy ;) We are looking forward working with you on another occasion and remain with kind regards - Sandra, Gruppo Wurth -
  • Dear Cinzia (...) Everything was fine during the event in Forte Village, thank you very much for your help.(...) Best regards,- Marie Delit - 3B The Fibreglass Company -
  • Good morning Maura (…) Yes, the cruise ended very well and the clients and the participants were very happy ;) We are looking forward working with you on another occasion and remain with kind regards - Sandra, Gruppo Wurth -
  • Dear Cinzia (...) Everything was fine during the event in Forte Village, thank you very much for your help.(...) Best regards,- Marie Delit - 3B The Fibreglass Company -
  • Good morning Maura (…) Yes, the cruise ended very well and the clients and the participants were very happy ;) We are looking forward working with you on another occasion and remain with kind regards - Sandra, Gruppo Wurth -
  • Dear Cinzia (...) Everything was fine during the event in Forte Village, thank you very much for your help.(...) Best regards,- Marie Delit - 3B The Fibreglass Company -
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