Destination: Sustainability

Our path to a sustainable future starts now

Traveling is an extraordinary experience that can change our lives and transform our world.

We at F.A. Travel we believe that travel should go beyond the discovery of wonderful places, and for this reason:

– we stimulate sustainable approaches to tourism in all its forms to provide an authentic experience;
– we want to make you feel part of the world you explore, helping you protect the beauty you find.

Our sensitivity towards the environmental emergency inspired the inclusion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our corporate philosophy. Following our mission, we constantly proceed with the analysis and activation of ever new and numerous initiatives, with the aim of

– encourage knowledge of places
– promote forms of sustainable tourism
– generate positive impacts

CSR is today a central element of all our initiatives. We are committed to sharing with you the results obtained and to taking future steps, inviting you to join us on this extraordinary journey towards a more respectful and sustainable future.

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